Have you ever dreamt of piloting a fighter jet? Pilots undergo years of training before they are allowed to fly. Thanks to the Flightdeck Simulation Center in Anaheim, CA, you can get the experience of flying without all the prep work! The flight simulators at Flightdeck Simulation Center are the most advanced in the world and will have you flying in no time! Here’s what makes this activity so special and such a stand-out experience in Anaheim, CA.

The Most Realistic Flight Simulator in the World

This business has the distinction of being the world’s most advanced flight simulator in the world, at least among those open to the public. Visitors can engage in dog fights against computers or others in the simulation, all from within a model jet cockpit. Each simulator has screens and controls covering a 180-degree field of vision to ensure the simulation is a rich, immersive experience.

Piloting not your thing? That’s alright—you can watch all the action from the comfort of the lounge. This is a great option for parents or for those in your party not feeling quite up to getting in the simulator themselves.

Multiple Simulation Options

Flightdeck Simulation Center offers tons of different options to choose from when it comes to your simulation experience. Virtual pilots can choose from three different fighter pilot difficulty levels and can also adjust how long their simulation lasts. Most simulations last 30–90 minutes, but time can be added to any simulation if desired.

A fighter jet isn’t your only virtual option, though. On Saturdays and Sundays, visitors can try their hand at piloting a Boeing 737. Choose which airport to fly out of and where you’re headed, and you’ll encounter simulated weather, low visibility, and other hazards as you successfully navigate your way to land safely at your destination airport. These simulated flights can also last 30–90 minutes. 

Get into Character

Flightdeck Simulation Center helps you feel like a real pilot by providing a short flight school where you’ll learn the controls and procedures needed to fly successfully. You’ll have mission details to follow and unexpected circumstances to handle before achieving success. Pilots even have the option of wearing a flight suit to really help them feel the part. The provided headsets also allow you to communicate with fellow pilots during your simulation. Every detail of the simulation is designed to make you feel like a real pilot soaring through the skies!

If you’re in the Anaheim area, don’t miss this great opportunity to take to the skies and experience life as a pilot. Flightdeck Simulation Center is only a few minutes away from Disneyland and well worth a visit! But Flightdeck Simulation Center is just one of the great local attractions here in Anaheim, CA. If you’re thinking of moving here or are looking for a new place to live, consider Stadium House Apartments. We offer some of the best apartments in Anaheim, CA. Call (714) 902-2756 to learn more today!

Photo courtesy: Flightdeck Simulation Center