About 67 percent of US households have at least one pet living with them. Is your house one of them? There are so many health and happiness benefits of owning a pet, from lowering your cholesterol levels to increasing your opportunities to socialize. That’s why at Stadium House Apartments, we love and encourage your furry—and not-so-furry—pets. Here are some of our favorites:

Small- to Medium-Sized Dogs

When it comes to pets, dogs are dubbed “man’s best friend.” We can see why! They are unconditionally lovable and loyal companions. It seems that Americans agree, as dogs are the top pick for households in the US. For apartment living, smaller dogs are a good fit because they don’t need much space to exercise. Before you buy a dog, call our front office to ensure that the breed you want is allowed and fits under the 50-pound weight limit. 

Guinea Pigs

Are you looking for an adorable, fluffy companion but aren’t ready to commit to a dog that needs frequent love and attention? A guinea pig is a great alternative pet, and they are easy to care for. Line their cage with paper, give them water, pellets, and veggies daily, add a few toys, and voilà! You’re set! The best part is that they can do “their business,” giving your schedule more flexibility. Just be sure to clean the cage weekly.

Freshwater Fish

They may not be fluffy, but they sure are cool to look at. The 11.5 million US households that are freshwater fish pet owners would agree! For apartment living, freshwater fish are always a great choice because of their low space requirements. Fish, like other pets, also provide health benefits, such as reducing anxiety. (It’s no coincidence that medical practices often have fish tanks in their waiting rooms!) Fish are also a great first introduction to pet ownership. Here are a few suggestions for easy-to-care-for freshwater fish varieties


Cats are puuurfect pets for apartment living. Many have low to moderate energy levels, allowing them to thrive in smaller living spaces. Keep your companion busy by having scratching posts and toys nearby. These pets also provide excellent benefits to their owners; in one study, cats were shown to yield “the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.” 

Now that you’ve considered a few options, which one will you choose as your newest apartment-mate? We look forward to seeing which pet you choose as your furry (or scaly) companion. Enjoy pet shopping!