Are you worried about moving during COVID? You don’t need to be. Millions of people safely moved in 2020—even more than the previous year. According to address change data from the US Postal Service, 15.9 million people moved between February and July 2020. In that same period in 2019, fewer than 15.4 million people moved. 

Moving during COVID can be as safe as it was pre-pandemic, as long as you follow some smart safety guidelines. Here’s a list:

Research Your Choices When Moving during COVID

Start by figuring out what you need, research where you’re moving, and find out where you can find everything you need. 

  • Storage facilities. COVID has changed the operating hours of businesses everywhere, including storage facilities. You don’t want to show up on moving day to retrieve your belongings or store them only to find you can’t get inside. 
  • Supplies. Like many things, you might find shortages on moving boxes, tape, and other essentials. Make sure you know where to find these supplies locally or online well before you need them. It’s also smart to overbuy, so you’re not left searching for more moving essentials at the last minute because you underbought.
  • Moving companies. You can count on moving companies’ procedures being different from the last time you moved. Companies now have new COVID requirements, procedures, and other safety guidelines. Some businesses, including U-Haul, are offering no-contact services. 
  • Local regulations. There are no blanket COVID policies in the US. Often, regulations are different within the same state and sometimes in the same county. Ensure you’re familiar with all the local requirements and restrictions before moving to a new area.
  • Landlords. Before moving day, ensure you know everything you need to do before moving out or moving in. 

Go Virtual

Contactless services aren’t limited to moving companies. Apartment complexes and many businesses now give customers the choice to conduct business online.

At Stadium House Apartments, you can take a video tour of our apartments and apply online. Our residents also pay rent online and even submit work orders virtually.

Remember Good Hygiene

It’s essential to have the right hygiene supplies on hand to clean—no matter if you are moving by yourself, have friends and family assisting, or have hired a company. Here are some smart sanitation steps:

  • Keep windows and doors open as much as possible to keep air flowing.
  • Have hand sanitizer available throughout your home.
  • Make sure you have soap and paper towels at all sinks.
  • Sanitize all high-touch surfaces, like doorknobs.
  • Use new moving boxes.

Safely moving during COVID is possible. All you need to do is research your choices, go virtual as much as possible, and remember good hygiene. If you’re looking for a new place in the Anaheim area, call or text us at (714) 902-2756. At Stadium House Apartments, we offer contactless services and do everything in our power to keep future and current residents safe.