Have you caught the decoration bug? Perhaps you recently moved into a new space, or your current decor is getting old. Maybe you just need something to do in quarantine. If you want to spice things up but find yourself on a tight budget, there is no need to fear. Your apartment can still have that western, chic, or modern vibe you love! Follow these three budget-friendly ideas when decorating your apartment.

1. Make your own wall art.

Artwork can be expensive, so why not make your own? If you love to paint or draw, buy a few supplies and let your creativity take control! Paint something abstract on a white canvas or sketch your favorite scenic view on a piece of paper and then frame it. Cheap and easy.

2. Add some greenery.

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are all the talk right now. While they are beautiful, they can be very costly. Instead of breaking the bank, try one of these cheaper and easier-to-grow alternatives. An even less expensive option is to take a stroll outside, find the fattest, oversized green leaf or branch there is, and stick it in a colorful pot on your kitchen counter, living room coffee table, or bedroom desk. It’ll be the perfect splash of green.

3. Help your room pop with a colorful, textured rug.

Think of a bohemian rug you would find in Free People or Anthropologie. If Boho isn’t your style, there are plenty of good-looking, modern rugs out there that can add depth and color to your living space.

But wait . . . Rugs can be VERY expensive. Instead of going over your budget to buy one, block off a Saturday to have fun with one of these 10 DIY rug projects. Afterwards, you’ll have a beautiful piece of thick fabric to slap down on your living room or bedroom floor.

Remember, you don’t have to spend your entire month’s paycheck just to decorate your living space. By following our tips above, you’ll have a stylish apartment without thinning your wallet.