Living in an apartment complex provides you with countless opportunities to interact with your neighbors. Because you share public spaces, common areas, and even walls, it’s important to be courteous to those around you.

Here are the top five things you can do to be a good neighbor.

Introduce yourself.

Is there a new family or couple down the hall? Whenever your current neighbors move out and newbies move in, introduce yourself. Your introduction doesn’t have to be fancy—no need to bake a batch of homemade cookies or run to the market for fresh flowers. Simply welcoming them to the community shows them that you are a friend.

Remember their names.

Introducing yourself is the easy part. Remembering your neighbor’s names is the hard part. In an apartment complex, you are surrounded by so many people, making it hard to remember who is who and who lives where. Consider writing your neighbors’ names down once they move in. Each time you see them, say hi and call them by their names.

Keep the noise down.

Late-night dance parties and loud music are totally acceptable for a college dormitory. But you’re not in the dorms anymore. Because a variety of individuals and ages live in the complex, don’t make too much noise. The people next door could have a newborn baby, or the guy across the hall may have to wake up at 4 a.m. to head to work. Be respectful of their time and space by refraining from having late-night gatherings, playing loud music, and blasting the TV at an unreasonable hour.

Clean up after your pet.

Just because you are a dog person doesn’t mean your neighbors are. Keep your dog on a leash when you take him or her outside and always clean up your dog’s waste. Carry around dog bags or buy a pooper scooper to do the job. Your neighbors will thank you—there is nothing worse than smelling leftover dog poop during a nice morning stroll!

Look out for your community.

If your neighbor is going out of town, keep an eye on his or her apartment. If an elderly individual in the community lacks technical skills, offer to help. The biggest thing you can do for your community and neighbors is to offer your support and kindness.

Help those around you to live happier by being a good neighbor. Introduce yourself to new tenants, make an effort to remember your neighbors’ names, keep your noise down, clean up after your pet, and look out for your community.